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13 reasons why you should move to Bangalore

Six months back, I got an opportunity to visit Bangalore. This was my third time visiting the city and I was excited to go back there. I spent a whole month there and had a great time. Since I was there for work, I didn’t get much time to myself but whatever time I did get I tried to make the most of it. 

I realized that so many people from north and south of the country stay in Bangalore. This is precisely why accommodation is so cheap as compared to other cities. Most of the people who move to Bangalore had either migrated from within Karnataka or from other parts of the country. It’s a melting pot of different cultures, people and religions.

Having been there couple of times before, I could clearly see the appeal for people to move here. So I thought I would list down few reasons why moving to Bangalore is a good idea. Full disclosure; I am a born and bought up Mumbaikar and yes I can’t help comparing Bangalore to my home town.

#1 It has the best weather

This is first and the most popular reason residents who have recently migrated give when asked “why did you move here”. It does have chill weather far from those hot and humid days that we all dread. Moving to Bangalore from Mumbai, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s one thing to stay in Bangalore for couple of days and another to stay here for a month. Climate soon became my favourite reason too. 

#2 Heath conscious city

Every morning I would get up way early than I was use to. I would see so many people running in the parks and on the street. It really made me feel guilty for not running. In addition, to this exercising has become part of many Bangaloreans.

In addition to this, I noticed another funny thing. Coming from Mumbai, I was so use to seeing “pan wala” shops at every corner (I call them GPRS before there were no Google Maps). Sure, they were present but there were laws in place to restrict smokers. According to the article in TOI, you cannot smoke in restaurants, bars and cafes. Not only that but you can’t smoke in public areas. These laws are present everywhere but astonishingly they were following the rules set by the government and it was difficult for smokers to find smokes. Also, local police would go on frequent rounds around the area for people smoking.

#3 Food is Cheap

For everyone who moves to Bangalore, one of the first expenses that they have to bear is food. Comparatively, food costs less here especially if you like south Indian cuisine. For example, a masala dosa would cost you as low as INR 40/- i.e, 58 cents USD. A whole meal can cost you any where from INR 75/- to INR 120/- i.e, 1 USD to 2 USD approx. As you can see cost of food is very low. However, cost of beer and finger food in Pubs and Bars stay the same when compared it to Mumbai or Delhi.

#4 Houses are huge here

Flats are a lot cheaper than Mumbai for obvious reasons but they have huge independent houses available. Houses that have a front yard and a backyard. It was one of those things that you don’t see very often in Mumbai until unless you are a millionaire. It is very fascinating to walk in neighborhoods such as Jayanagar, koramangala, bannerghatta and find so many row houses.

#5 Everything is online

Lot of innovative start ups are based out of Bangalore, so a lot of new and upcoming apps are being beta tested in Bangalore. Local restaurants, cafes and even street vendors accept Google pay and Paytm on a daily basis. People at least have an option of using Uber auto in Bangalore where as in Mumbai we don’t ever have that option till recently. 

#6 They still have greenery over there

With parks like Lal Bagh botanical garden, cubbon park, bannerghatta butterfly park,  bannerghatta national park its easy to why the environment is so fresh and filled with greenery. Many do refer to Bangalore as the “garden city”. Other than these popular parks there are gardens and jogging parks built for public use in most of the places. If you are planning to move to Bangalore, this is one of the important things to consider as you are moving your family along with you.

#7 Nobody on the streets after 9 PM in the night.

Lot of Bangalore residents would disagree with me on this topic but this is what I have experienced. The work culture is a bit different there. The majority of the people wake up early and go to sleep early. By 9pm or 10pm you would see shops closing, streets getting quieter and not many people on the streets. However, in Mumbai people are lively and kicking till 11pm or 12pm. Places like Koramangala are exempted from this because there are lot of hip clubs and pubs are present there.

#8 Home of the beer

One thing that you should know about Bangalore is that they love their beer over there. Not only the big beer brands have their breweries located there but there are lot of microbreweries opening up everyday. So which is best place to grab some beer? well head towards Arbor Brewing Company, Brigade Road. Another great reason for moving to bangalore.

#9 Doesn’t have a language barrier

It is one of the tech friendly places in the country so you know that there is an app out there for translating while you are in Bangalore. However, you may not need any app at all. Even though their primary language is kannada, nearly all residents prefer and are very comfortable with speaking in English.  Due to the in flow of talent coming in from all corners of the country almost all of the people speak Hindi as well. So it doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner or from within the country thinking of moving to Bangalore. Language is not going to be a barrier. 

#10 You need your own vehicle

Yea that’s right! You need a vehicle if you plan on moving to Bangalore. Not something extravagant but something like a scooty or an activa. They will help you move faster, save time and money in the long run. I found that sometimes, I would send more time taking the long route around just because I was using public transport. Buses are a convenient way of travelling across the city rather than metro. For one thing, metro does not cover many parts of Bangalore. Secondly, buses offer one day passes allowing you to ride any bus unlimited times in a day (If you were making multiple stops around the city). Metros are good but not accessible to all parts of the city.

In all, a good city to move to especially if you like the above mentioned points. It’s easy to fall in love with the city, as it has a unique charm about itself.




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