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I am Deependra Singh and this is my blog Travelspades where I will be sharing my adventures and stories with you. I truly believe in the idea of “traveling increases our knowledge” and every one should travel. In an effort to fuel my passion I have started Travelspades. These articles are meant to be insightful and helpful to my fellow travelers and digital nomads who are pursuing their dream of traveling indefinitely. This is going to my travel journal where I will be documenting some of the most beautiful places in the world. I have been to a few extraordinary places in India but I know that there are so many more places and countries to discover.

I also create videos and photos about my travels and enjoy exploring new places with my friends.

My passion for videography and photography lead me to Instagram and in early 2015, I started posting videos and photos. And since then I have developed a community of people who share the same passion for traveling that I do. I truly believe in the power of a well told story, and doing so visually is the passion that drives my creativity.

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