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Harihareshwar beach

Harihareshwar beach A secret beach near Mumbai

Harihareshwar beach A secret beach near Mumbai

Harihareshwar beach is a secret beach near Mumbai which is clean and in pristine condition. My journey started when my friend asked me to join him on a trip to Harihareshwar temple. So I packed my essentials and went to a small, sleepy little town outside of Mumbai called Shrivardhan.

It was one of those trips that was very impromptu and wasn’t planned at all. I was accompanied by my friend Manish and we were invited to stay at a local resident’s house who was an acquaintance of Manish.

It took us nearly 5 to 6 hours to reach there. We would have reached sooner if we wouldn’t have spent so long to decide which route to take.


How do you go to harihareshwar beach?

Best routes to come to Harihareshwar beach or Shrivardhan beach

Harihareshwar beach and Shrivardhan beach are besides each other so we suggest visiting Shrivardhan beach first and then visiting Harihareshwar beach.


From Mumbai to Harihareshwar beach – We need to take mangoan route (typical konkan route).


From Pune to Harihareshwar beach

Important things to keep in mind before you come here.

  • In other seasons activities available:-
    • Horse riding
    • Para gliding on the back of a Jeep
    • Jet Ski
    • Horse cart ride
  • In the monsoon, there are no activities available
  • Hard Liquor is not available in the village. Only beer will be available.
  • If you would like to camp or spend time in a tent near the beach for a night. They are many options available but book the tents before you go. Generally, December is the busiest time of the year.

One other noteworthy thing about this trip was that Manish was new to driving and this was not only his first long trip outside of Mumbai but also in a new car.  As soon as we reached there we unpacked and got some food in our belly. Then we headed out to check the place out.

As we started exploring in and around the village, we found narrow streets with old street lamps at every corner. Neatly stacked 2 storey traditional row houses with lots of mango and jackfruit trees growing in their backyards.

It was very fascinating especially to me because coming from Mumbai I could only dream of owning such spacious villas. This seemed like a perfect place to come once you retire plus the people were so kind to us.


Visiting Shrivardhan beach

Ancient Tree standing in the middle of the town

We visited Shrivardhan beach first because it was the closest beach from where we were staying. This was one of the most beautiful beach that I have seen till now. The community here seemed very dedicated to keep the place very clean.

The bandstand near the beach was also in a very good condition. It’s an excellent place for an outing with friends or to spend quality time together with a loved one. Don’t miss the sunset from beach, it’s simply spectacular.


Visiting Harihareshwar beach

View of the beach from the top

Next day we woke up and headed towards harihareshwar temple. The road to the temple went around a mountain which sat between both the beaches so it may look like a D tour on the map.

First we went to the temple and then i was told that there is beach nearby. But nobody could prepare me for what I saw next. After climbing few feet up the stairs, we came to a point where there were old steps descending down to the base of the seafloor.

It was an unbelievable natural marvel that not many people knew about. I was astonished to see such an amazing wonder so close to Mumbai.

The natural environment had flora and fauna the was very unique to the region. Waves as high as Manish were hitting the rigid rock’s surface. As I came to the edge of the rock overlooking the sea, I was warned not to do that. The waves were strong enough to pull me in. We had to exit the place quite quickly since it was almost time for a high tide, the sea water would flood in and fill the place.

I didn’t feel like leaving but all adventure has to come to an end and this was a great end to my trip to harihareshwar, a sleepy little town with a secret beach.




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